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New to me model 70

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Hello, I just traded a snowblower for this tractor. I'm unsure if I want to keep or flip it. Do they have much collector value? Or are they just considered more a low value novelty? Its in good working order, with 32 snowblower and mower. I will upload some pictures Monday from a real PC.
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Generally a lower value novelty tractor. They do not sell for what 110 for example sells for. If it runs good and the attachments work you should get decent money for it. Roger
Thanks Roger. I'd like to collect it myself but with limited garage space and need of quality snow equipment in winter I think its gotta go to keep working towards something with a bucket. If I can keep two it will be the patio.
Here are a couple pictures

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That one is nice! How does it run. They are neat little tractors and built well, but the tecumapart engines are their downfall and probably why they are less popular to collectors. I'm putting an 8hp briggs in my 70 after 2 failed attempts at trying to keep it original with tecumskes.

There are guys that collect them, I know of one that has about 30 60s and 70's.
It does run great. The only things missing are one mower lift strap and the mower belt. I already took care of those. Now just waiting for snow to melt to pretend to mow the lawn, unfortunately more coming next week. The previous owner used the blower but I don't even want to attempt it.
I have always wanted to try mowing with mine. I think it would be fun, and may be handy for around trees. WIth the repower I would need to make some mods to the stock clutch and mounting, but I think it could be done as I have spaced the engine back far enough to allow the pulley to clear the steering.
Well I didn't get to try it :-(. But I did turn it into an 82 glastron 15ft with a '00 110hp force motor. I had 10-12 $200 offers, then two decent boats this Friday. If I turn that in late June or July I should be able to get serious snow equipment.after a few testing sessions of course :)
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