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Newbie needs help

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I'm a newbie trying to get his 314 ready for mowing rough 3-4 acres of sloping land.
Steering play is about 3.75"; can this be adjusted or do I need to rebuild/replace steering box?
Will I need weights when mowing on maximum slope?
What front tires are best for rough mowing on slopes? Back tires are bar type.
What type of blades would be best?
Any and all help much appreciated. Thanks!
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Can't be that new. What model # machine are you talking about?
Glenn.. yes you are!

Just kidding

Larry.. when you say steering play is 3.75" do you mean the amount of distance you turn the wheel before anything happens? If you're mowing on a slope where it matters what tires you have on the front you might want to make sure your rear wheels are installed in the wide position. A pair of 50 pound wheel weights on the back would be good in a situation like that too. I'm too chicken to mow where I'd need to do any more than that to stay on the wheels.

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I mean the measure of the arc the outside of the steering wheel moves.

My 314 with rebuilt steering column and new ball joints still has about 2" of play. My 300 with steering box adjusted and new ball joints, (steering arm still needs to be replaced), has about 4" inches. I do not believe you will get all of it out.
I would suggest weights for slopes. I have turf and bar on the front. Just personal preference. I just use the regular blades from Deere. One of these days I will try the Gators. Had a 200 with 39" deck and 8HP motor that had a tough time with the Gators. Of course, I mow mostly weeds which are tough on any blade.

All right, we got a customer mower with a problem in a nearly new Z225 zero turn mower. It's a 2012 model with 75 hours. It mows and moves for awhile and then the right side fails to pull. Most times on a hillside but not always. He says if he shuts it off it may come back and work fine. Sometimes right away. He thinks it could be an electrical problem but I don't see how. He says factory warranty is expired. Any ideas? I believe the hydro pump wheel motors are sealed units, not sure about too much yet. Any ideas??? Thanks, Fred

The hydro pump/motor is a sealed unit. I would check the bypass valve to be sure it is not partially engaged. There is no way that it is an electrically problem.

George of Buford
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George, I tied the hydro disengage rod ahead just slightly and then I ran it about an hour, no problem at all. Now the customer is trying it out. Keeping my fingers crossed...
It did it again. Runs fine on the flat and on a hill it just squawks and won't move after about 20 minutes. I don't want to give up but I just can't start spending money with no budget to work with. By the way, we tried unhooking the shock absorbers on the control rods too. Didn't help.
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Also seems to be locking up now on both sides now. This mower looks way too Chinese to me.
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