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Newer D-Series Snow Cab On A JD 140

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Hello WFM'ers,

This is my first contribution/question to WFM. This last year I bought my first green tractor - a 1974 140H3 for a do-all machine (mowing, garden tilling, and snow removal). I have it set up for winter now with an old round chute blower in great shape (thanks Richard Boley), wheel weights, V61s, and tru-powers. I've used a snowblower before and know they work well, but would like a cab for windy days. I have had an eye out for a decent cab for a while, but haven't had much luck. Has anyone adapted a cab for a newer D-series to work on a 140? They are $350 from eBay or Home Depot, which is a sizeable chunk of change lost if it cannot be made to work.


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