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Oil and Filter for 317 TSC Walmart?

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I was at TSC today. They only had fram filters so I passed...

But I did not see any type F hydrofluid.
They had a universal hydrofluid, it had a John Deere spec, but I did not write it down.

I was going to go over to walmart but I ran out of time.

Any other places to look?

I am not sure what oil to run in the engine either. It is a Kohler Command 18 with pressurized system
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Walmarts Supertech filters are MUCH better than Frams. They are actually a pretty nice filter, especially when you factor in price, but they are well made.

Oil really is a preference thing. I run Mobil 1 5W40 Turbo Diesel Truck oil in my P220 Onan, and my motorcycle...its a very good oil if you can use it, also available at Wally World. Or for a few bucks less, you can get Shell Rotella T in the blue jug, but again, I dont know what oil weight that engine uses.
I looked up the motor on Kohler's website and it says straight 30 type oil.
Kohler Commands use 10W-30 for normal use. I would not use a straight weight in it.
Type F fluid can be found at any auto parts store or even Wal-Mart. Or you could use the fluid from John Deere through your dealer.

But if you run it in Winter, you better keep a block heater on it, or keep it in a nice warm garage...othewise run 10W30.
On that same note, my Onan says 10W30 too (well, it lists a lot based on regional temps), but thats not what it gets in its crankcase...Ive been around it long enough to know that it burns the 10w30, it doesnt burn the 5w40 nearly as much.
And it starts easier in the Winter too.
Besides, its one less type of oil in my case to have around. I like synthetic in everything too, and there is no readily available 30 weight synthetic even if I did want to go that route.

Nothing at all wrong with straight 30 weight...just my opinion...
I went to Walmart today they only had 4 quarts of type F. Only Fram filters. So I struck out again.
Try this. It is all the information you will ever need on oil filters. First off I think most of us here change our oil and filters way more than the manufactures recommend. Why would you not use a fram. they have to meet the same guidelines as any other filter. The same holds true for the oil makers. By law they cannot sell you a inferior product. The oil you use or the filter you use is not the enemy of your tractor. The dirt that gets in your oil is. The truth of the matter is there is only a couple of oil filter manufactures in the world. You guys fret about brand, when they very well could be the identical filter, with a different wrapper. www.filtercouncil.org
Fram has had recent recalls of filters made in Mexico because they weren't manufacturing them according to specifications. I would not buy any that were made in china unless I was trying to sabotage somebodies engine.
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Chad, I dont see anything on that link that says they regulate anything...it looks to be a resource for filter manufacturers based in North Americe, and there are only a handful of manufacturers in North America these days.

As far as only a couple manufacturers...well, there are actually a lot.
Like this many:

AMS oil
Champion Labs
Hi Flo
K & N
Toyo Roki

What most people who dislike Fram, me included, dont like about them is their cardboard innards.
You might want to do a search yourself about Fram filters and their construction vs EVERYONE else.
They (Fram) are the ONLY on who uses cardboard endcaps. Their filter media is also not the best, and not even close.
Why on earth would you pay the same amount or more to Fram when you could get a Purolator or AC Delco, or other much better made filter?

Oil can very well be the engines worst enemy. If it cant handle the soot and other buildup in the engine until its changes, it will leave it as deposits, which lead to accelerated wear. The oil has to be able to keep that stuff suspended between changes. The filter only removes the large particles, thats why your oil turns dark...its full of other "debris" that your filter doesnt take care of.
But oil is much easier than filters...just keep it clean.

Most oil is good enough, as are most filters.
At the very least, stick with name brand oil, and anything but Fram filters, although running a Fram is not likely to hurt anything.

Im not trying to start a big argument here, but Ive spent a ton of time looking at oil and filter info all over the place, and hate for people to be mis-informed about their decisions regarding either.

Here is some info on filters, though motorcycle related...
You can browse the tabs on the left side of the page for other info...
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Jim the Fram does appear to have a fiber, or as they say , cardboard end on them.Fram on far right. Interesting.
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Roy, and thats their high end motorcycle filter!!!
I just dont see the anti-drainback seal being able to get a good seal on the cardboard either. I really do wonder why they still continue to make them that way. Especially after all the negativity that surrounds their construction, however baseless it may be.
I can say this about them. When I ran Fram on my first bike, I always had the oil pressure light lit for a second or two. When I switched to a K&N and then to Purolator, it went out while I was cranking, or a SPLIT second after it started.
I have used Fram, but now I have my doubts. I have never had a problem with one, but I would sure hate to be out on the road and have a problem. 92,000 miles on my truck, and I dont want any problems now. I have switched between the Purolator and Fram. Guess I'll stick with the Purolator.

I am very interested in this thread because i just put a Fram on my truck yesterday (97 Chevy 1500 with 106,000 miles.) I've always used Fram and never had a problem but should i be worried? Is STP a good filter? Any more info would be awesome...

Guys, tons of info about oil and filters can be found here:

Quinten, I wouldnt be overly concerned. STP is made better, but so is the SuperTEch from Wal-mart...if it bothers you just get one of the others for the next oil change.
Has anyone on here ever pulled the transmission on a f900 series? The seal on the shaft that comes out the side for the swash plate is leaking pretty bad and I need to drop the transmission. Not sure what the best way to do this is. I have a cozy cab as well and not sure if any of that needs to come off or if it is all done from underneath the machine. Any tips and or suggestions from anyone would be appreciated. Thanks.
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