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Older 116 not charging

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Hello everyone,
My name is Chris. I'm new to WFM but not to green and yellow. I LOVE these machines and some of other colors as well. I live up in the northwest and repair LGT's on the side. i have an A&P license but jump in BIG iron and wreck buildings for a living.
Now, heres the problem. I'm working on an 0ld 116 that isnt charging. I've replaced the diode block behind/under the batt. I've replaced the stator AND key switch.The engine starts and runs fine but i'm STUMPED. I've checked continuity at several points in the wiring harness and all looks good so far. Any ideas ? Thanks for letting me ramble
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Welcome to WFM. Even though the 116 was made from 1982 to 1985, it is considered by this site as a Late Model. Only the 60, 70, and 100 lawn tractors are allowed in this section. Please repost your question on your 116 in the Late Model sections. You will get more responses there.

Again, welcome to WFM.
thats what I get for being the fng.
Thanks Terry
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