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Older Briggs & Stratton 18hp considered to upgrade my H3

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Hey gang, I've got the opportunity to pick up an older Briggs & Stratton 18HP for a decent price from a fellow, and am considering buying it to repower my H3 so it has more grunt. Then once I take the K321 out, put it in the H1 since THAT motor has a broken rod. Given the condition of the B&S 18 twin, this might be a win-win to have both tractors fully functional.

I've watched several videos about others who have done this with the new stuff, and this interests me.
I'm looking for feedback, hopefully, where others have done this with the older twins. maybe they could share some input of what will be involved.

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If you are talking about the opposed twin Briggs, I think you'll have trouble making it fit a 140 without cutting the side rails.
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