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Onan b43e crank gear removal...

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I've got a onan b43e i'm trying to disassemble completely to get new gaskets in it and inspect it, but cant get the crank gear off. there is a key in it and cant figure out how to get that out so i can get the gear off. any ideas would be great. thanks.
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The face of that gear has two threaded holes. You will need a puller centered on the crankshaft and two 10-32 bolts.

I will be attempting same in the next few days.

Harbor Freight is a good source for inexpensive tools you use infrequently.
Hmmm... I'll give it another try. Let me know if you come up with any tricks. The manual i have isn't very detailed with that.
Hi all, I'am trying to remove front pto shaft on 420 that goes through the pivot. are the two nuts on the bearing housing in front the only thing holding it on? Thanks.
Matt, I couldn't get that gear off with the puller I have. Were you successful?

Don't know about the 420 question.
The best way to get that gear off is heat from a good torch. Heat just the gear (not the shaft) and it will expand, while leaving the crankshaft at the same size. Try to use as much heat as possible to quickly get the whole gear heated up. Then use the puller on it. It will be much easier that way.
Hello everyone! Keeping in mind that I am somewhat electrically inept, can someone tell me how to test the output of the alternator on my 98 455. It had been cranking slow and I had to jump start it during the cold snap we have here in Michigan. Once I got it started I was plowing with the headlights on and it just quit. I was able to jump start it again and got it inside. I put a voltmeter on the battery which is a few years old and got nothing. I will be installing a new battery but I want to make sure that the charging system is working. Any advice in simple terms will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!!
Not a perfect test, but to see if it is charging:

Measure battery voltage without the engine running.

Now start the engine and measure voltage, quickly after starting.

there should be an increase in system voltage as the battery lost some charge with the start and the alternator/regulator should be in replenish mode. Normally, engine running system voltage should be around 13.2-6.

If you don't see that, more in depth tests are in order.

Thank you!!! I bought a new battery and tested as you described. I was getting 13.4 volts with the system running. I went out and busted drifts for 2 hours with no issues.

Thanks again. This site is awesome!!!
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