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Onan camshaft casting number question

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Does anyone know what the right camshaft casting numbers are for the B43E, B43G, and B48G? I know the P engines used a 170-4100 in the P218, and a 170-4101 in the P220, but I need the numbers for the B engines. Thanks
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the 170-3140 was used in the BF, BG
B43M, B48M, B43G and B48G.
the above cams are SO CLOSE to the P 220
cam that it is not worth mentioning.

the B43E cam is 170-2871. ( has a fuel pump lobe)
it is actually a gen set cam. ( a real POOCH )
the P 216-218 came is WAY better than the B43E cam.
thank you boomer
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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