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Original cost?

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I have now accumulated an H3 1970 140 tractor with a 54" blade, a #8" mower deck, a #33 tiller and a 3 point hitch all for $900 in less than 2 months.

I was wondering what was the original purchase price of these items. Any idea what they might have cost back in '70.
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Someone told me that the later model 4xx series,425,445,455 tractors had durability upgrades such as harder gears and improvements used in the later K92's.

Does anyone know if there is any truth to this?
I checked JD parts and found this although it may be difficult to make out the way it is displayed:

.. AM115781 Transmission 1 MARKED 24000; SUB AM128667; 2WS; In tegrated Hydro, W/ Std Differential
.. MIA11939 Transmission 1 MARKED 24001; SUB FOR AM128667; 2WS
.. AM115782 Transmission 1 MARKED 24010; SUB MIA10341; 4WS; In tegrated Hydro, W/ Std Differential
.. MIA10341 Transmission 1 MARKED 24011; SUB FOR AM115782 OR AM128666; 4WS; Integrated H ydro, W/ Upstrength Differentia l
.. AM120820 Transmission 1 MARKED 24020; ALSO ORDER AM13331 6; SUB MIA11441; Export; 2WS; W/ 540 Rear Pto, W/ Std Differential
.. AM128669 Transmission 1 MARKED 24031; ALSO ORDER AM133316; SUB MIA11441 Export; 2WS; W/ 540 R ear PTO, W/ Upstrength Differential
.. AM128670 Transmission 1 ALSO ORDER AM133316, W/ Rear PTO; AL SO ORDER (4) 19M7820, W/ O Loader; AL SO ORDER (4) 19M7837 AND (4) 14M7466W / Loader; SUB MIA11441; 2WS; Integrat ed Hydro, W/ Upstrength Differential
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