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Original decal removal

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How does one remove an original 1973 140 insignia decal from each side of the hood of that 140 without damaging the hood?
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I have used a heat gun but a hair dryer will also work.Just heat it up and use a scraper to remove,may take awhile as it is kind of slow going but does work.Just start at one end and work towards the other,you will also need something to remove the adhesive from the hood.
3M makes a tool called a stripe off wheel that removes decals without dammaging the finish. you just chuck it in your drill. its like a giant eraser. check at auto parts stores. 3M also has adhesive.

Cliff N
I use a hair dryer, spray decal with WD40 to loosen the edges and provide some lubrication and a glass razor blade scraper. Works great on flat surfaces. The decal often comes off it one piece, but stretched a little.

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The hair dryer works very well, start on one end of the decal if you take your time, the decal will come off in one piece.
3M makes a glue remover in a spray can which, works very well to remove the glue, I bought @ the local Auto Zone parts store.
I find that the glue removal takes more time then the actual decal removal.
Good luck
Also check out the thread {painting a 120}for info on how I applied the new decals.
Thank you so much guys for the help. I've never removed decals of this nature and that old, your information will help tremendously. It'll be a few weeks before I'm able to remove the old decals from the hood. I will indeed take into consideration all the input you have suggested here in this thread.

Gary, I did check out "painting a 120" and that was some good information, Thanks.

Ken, If you want one of the eraser wheels let me know and I'll send you one I use them at the auto body shop and they do work. Mike
I used a hair dryer with great success, and then WD-40 to remove any left over adhesive, and then washed the WD-40 off to be sure the new paint would adhere properly.
Hey Mike, If you have an extra one let me know, I would like to try one of those to see how it really works.

Thanks, GRP
I was having a heck of a time getting the gray adhesive that was holding the decal onto this 316 hood. Seemed nothing worked very well until today & I bought a can of OOPS adhesive remover.

This stuff works, I put it on a mesh polishing pad quite generously and it takes it right off. Here's the can of stuff and a shot taken before on the left side of hood

and the right side after
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I have to agree with the rest of the guys hair dryer or heat gun on low to med low heat and I always used Ronsonol Lighter Fluid it is cheap and does a heck of a job to get the labes off and the back of the bottle will tell you that it is normaliy $1 to $2 bucks . It was real strange to be 16,17, and 18yrs old and buying this to strip pin stripe off cars in auto body class at school .

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Everyone who answered this thread, WOW, Thank You! Now I shouldn't have any issues removing the original decals from the 140 hood.

John, I've never seen "OOPS" before. Where would you get it - Home Depot or Lowes maybe?

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Kenneth, I bought the OOPS at our local small town hardware store. I think it is a True Value store.

Looks like that lighter fluid might work just as good, thanks for sharing that Michael!
Your welcome guys and remember its cheap but like eveyone knows the cheap way is not always the way to go but it works in a pinch.
Hey Michael, Does that lighter fluid have anything to do with your Username?

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No I got that from the guys in the fire house a long time ago when I charged into a house to save a 3yr old girl and had no air pack on
but I have done some crazy stuff with that lighter fluid before at the fire house when I was "Young and Stupid".
and for traing reasons but rememer to play with fire you'll get burned

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Guys, I have a good friend who has been in the body repair business for about 25 years now - he swears by using insect repellant to get glue and decals off cars without damaging the finish. Strange but true...
GRP, send me address and its on its way. Ken yours has already left. Mike

Haven't seen the eraser wheel as of yet I'm keeping an eye out for it.

WOW ATG, who would have ever thought insect repellant would be solvent enough to breakdown decal adhesive. It's a thought though. You could keep the insects off the tractor while working in the field.

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