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Original Paint Question

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I'm restoring a '73 140 H3 and while stripping it, I"ve found some funky green paint that is not original. I looked at some of the beautiful restored 140's on this site for guidence but alot of their parts on not painted the same color as mine.

Is there a place to look at an original 140 in my serial number range (53,XXXX) to make sure I paint it back to original?


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Alan, I repainted a 82' 314 this last spring and it had a funny blue/green paint on about half of it. It was the toughest paint I ever sand blasted,ground,stripped and sanded off anything.Hope yours is not the same. Farley
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Farley, I remember that, did you ever figure out what that was?


For what its worth...my experience with all three of my tractors has been that the original JD paint turns a blueish-green color after it is exposed to grease remover. Typically when I'm washing down and stripping a tractor I use "Purple Power" concentrate from the local auto parts place. It'll turn 'em that blueish color every time if applied full strength, which I usually do.
GRP and Dusti, Not sure if it was something to do with a degreaser being applied or what . Didn't ask the previous owner, he deals in quite a few of the older John Deere's so I am not sure how long he had it. When I was taking it off it looked to me like there were brush marks in the bluish parts of the paint. Made me think that someone used a quart of so of really off-brand cheap paint and a brush. I do know where ever it was it has tough and very thick to take off and where it was still JD green it was not that bad to get off. Farley
Well, lets see some pictures now!

Did you redo it?

GRP, this is what it looks like before I finished the front rims and got the decals for the deck. Haven't taken any pics of it since then. Farley

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Should have posted as 2 posts instead of 1. Farley

That's a nice looking 314. Like the ag's!
Your 314 looks great, nice job.

When you post your pic's, press your return key between each pic. That way they will stack instead of posting side by side.

wondering what folk's thoughts are on the 325. I found one for sale near my house (wants $900) but know little about them. This one has 600 hours on the single cylinder Kawi FC540V, so unless the engine was switched out, I'm guessing it's a pre 1998 model. The 48" mower deck is solid and quiet, and all the parts (except two bracket pins) are there for a Powerflow bagger that's off the tractor and in very nice condition. Engine starts right up, idles nicely high and low. Seat is junk and top hood section is cracked beyond repair, but the rest of tractor is solid. Tires are very nice as well. Mower deck cuts beautifully but there is one glaring mechanical problem, the deck doesn't raise or lower. Owner says there is a 'hydraulic valve' located beneath the tub body, midway btwn the dash and the seat that is the culprit. He says to replace is about $50. I'm not familiar with the 325 so hope someone can comment on that. I can live w/ poor cosmetics for the time being, but don't have experience with the 325 . Has anyone had this deck lift/lower issue and what should I know about this 'hydro valve', also, are there other possible causes I should look at? If the deck issue is fixable, is a 325 a decent machine. That $900 price tag looks appealing but you know that old saying...
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Steve a little reaearch on the lift problem and JD Parts shows me the valve is about $42 but I think you have to really take the tractor apart to replace it if that is the problem. If it is the actual lift cylinder that is a $300 item and is unique to the 325. Those seldom go wrong though. Roger
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