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Other brand Kohler kt17 - will it fit?

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I have a 317 that lost compression on one cylinder - a fella down the street has a bolens with a kt17 that he is parting out (hour meter shows <400 hrs)- does anyone know if it will fit in my JD317?
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The case will bolt right into your 317. However, most other vendors used a 1-1/8" diameter crankshaft on the pto end, so your pto clutch will not fit. The bolt pattern for the clutch on the closure plate may also differ. The muffler and air filter housing could be swapped.
Is there an 1-1/8" clutch I could swap out to make it work? This seems like a good "swap" rather than rebuilding the kt17 that I have.
Craig , I have a clutch for the 1 1/8 shaft if you are interested. Email me for dimensions .
I got a replacement motor with the 1 1/8 shaft. I went the hillbilly way, started it and ran a file back and forth. A little ways later the 1in clutch fit right on! 35 hours later and its working perfect still. Do a search as I have a post with pics.
Not to shoot Roy down, but wouldn't the old mower have a clutch on it also? Just use that one.
Do you have to be concerned about different pulley sizes?
Scooter, the old engine is a 1 inch shaft ,and the new engine is a 1 1/8 inch shaft.
Going to take some looking, I guess.
Make sure to check the clutch pulley diameter.

Roy, that clutch you showed me was like a 5" diameter pulley wasn't it? Deere used a big sucker like a 6 or 7" pulley on their engines.

My 318 with 25hp Kohler with 1 1/8" crankshaft is still PTO less because I could not find one with a big enough pulley. Probably have to swap cranks to make the deere PTO clutch work.
Well, thanks for the help guys - but I waited around too long and the Bolens with the low hour motor is now sold. I wouldn't have minded going with a smaller pulley, can't you just go with a shorter belt? I guess it could change your blade speed a little as well, but I'm not sure if that would be an issue or not.
Smaller engine pulley will make all your attachments run slower than stock, which typically does not allow them to perform as well as designed.
Mike , I told him about the size in an email. I dont think using it for a lawn deck would have to much impact on it. It worked well for my Cub which had a 42 inch deck.
Thats why I wrote in my post about the dimensions.
These Deere decks seem like they should go faster if anything. Is it a bad thing to speed them up???
Roy, that makes sense with the sizes. I was just saying the Bolens probably had a PTO clutch on it and you could just use that one. Therefore, no need to find a different one.
Les, post your wanted ad in the Wanted section...

Welcome to WFM.

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