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Paint problem.

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I used Rustoleum for the first two coats on my front wheels, and then put a coat of Valspar on. so far so good. The second coat of Valspar got all wrinkled as soon as it started to dry.

I know I have to sand it down and prime and start over, but why did this happen on the second coat?
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I have some tire problems this summer. I would like to know the opinion of others on lug type tires and foam filling them? I was wondering if anyone had experience with that configuration. Also do lug type tires tear up the grass? I just heard about foam fill and it sounds like a good solution.
Start this as a new post and you will get more results. Foam fill will make the tractor ride very rough as there will no longer be any flex in the side was. It would be the same as if you had steel wheels. The other big flaw with foam filling is they only way to get the tire of the rim after doing the filling is with a reciprocated saw. Lug tires do not tear up the lawn the driver who spins them does. I used lugs on my 214 for years with less tearing problems than the original tires that slipped every time it rained out and tore up the grass. Roger
I went ahead and made Dale's post it's own topic. Now it shouldn't get lost.
I should proof read my posts. The part where it says "side was" should be "side walls" and the part where it says "tire of the rim" should be "tire off the rim". My bad. Roger
I just put carlisle tru powers on my 455 this year. no problems on the grass.
I have lug tires on my 455 and have no issues with it tearing up the turf - just do not spin them. The additional traction in snow with them is great. Six suitcase weights on the back and no chains required when pushing snow.
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