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David Ward writes:

Robb: I have created an Excel spreadsheet listing most (132 entries) of the
L&GT parts catalog numbers with brief descriptions for my own personal use
in researching for parts on JDParts.com site. I have found this to be
invaluable to me in saving time locating the correct parts catalog number
for use on JD site. So I thought maybe it would also be useful to other
WFM members.

I would be happy to make this file available for use by WFM members as
long as they accept it for what it is: one members attempt at saving time doing
research on parts. The file size is about 26.5k. Listings are
alphabetically sorted by "Description" as this has been most useful to me,
but the file can be sorted by any of the columns as desired.

If you think this would be useful, let me know and I can send the file to
you as an attachment. Then you could post in an appropriate manner for
member use.

Thanks Dave! Nice list. I am sure others will find this very helpful.

Robb Kruger
Board Founder
JD_PC List02.xls (26.5 k)
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