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Patio Seat

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1993 320 with tilt steering wheel. All of a sudden today the handle that locks the tilt steering in place won't stay engaged. When I go to make a left turn the lever starts to freely move with the steering wheel. Almost caused a crash.

I've never worked on tilt steering in my life and don't have a clue as to where to start. Anybody got some ideas?
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Hello. Wondering if anyone has found a black paint to reproduce the "wrinkle vinyl texture" on the back of the seat pan??? I have seen other wrinkle spray paint cans, but they don't seen to be the right texture.
Thank you. Corey
The texture on the seat pan doesn't come from paint. It is actually pressed into the steel itself like alot of the older colored refrigerator doors. CA
Corey Rustoleum Hammered paint might be as close as you get and will not be exactly right. Patio seats as Clay said were unique. Very hard to reproduce or fake. Roger
Well that makes it easy. I didn't know the metal was stamped, thought it was the paint. Thank you
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