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Picked up a John Deere 312 on E-Bay

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I just picked up a 1978 312 with a 48IN mower deck and model 54 front blade today for $850. It needs brakes but everything works and it moves under it's own power so I happy with it now I have to go get it. I also found out I don't have enough hours in the day to restore my 65 round fender that I picked up last year so I will be parting it out.
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You are correct, you can not restore a tractor in a 24 hour period, but a poor excuse to part it out !!!!

Do the hobby a favor and sell it whole to someone who will take the time !!!!
The tractor I bought last year had a fire and took out most everything under the hood and all the belts, lift mechanism, gas tank and a front and rear tire when the gas tank went up. Right now it is a basket case because the further I got the more I found damaged by the fire and my wife said one tractor is enough. I know it can not be restored in a 24 hour period and knew that going in but due to things out of my control at this point in my life I don't have the time or money to do the project. You are right it is a poor excuse I will post it as a hole in the classifieds with the couple of parts I purchased last fall. Thank you for the help guys.
I think that is the best thing to do for the "sport"
I am sure if you are honest with fellow WFMers on what you have in it, you will get out what you have in it.
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My first order of business is going through the deck. I bought a "Service Manual " off E-bay but it doesn't list the drive belt size for the deck and the current one is way beyond recognition.
Any help will be at all time greatly appreciated.
Mike like most JDs you need to use a JD belt which likely will be odd sized. If you look the factory belt up on JD Parts and then price it that page should give you both the size and the price. Www.jdparts.com is again your friend. Roger
Roger, I just found out my original post got moved to this thread so thank you for answering twice. I really have to say that format is crazy but I will try
I guess I don't know how to navigate that site. I've tried long enough only to get a headache trying to find what I need. Thanks for trying.
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