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Pitted 112 frame bondo?

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I got my frame back from the sandblaster and welded up the 3 cracks around the seat base, there is alot of heavy pitting on the foot rests and where the rubber is on the center of the frame, I was thinking about using bondo to fill the pits in so that the new stickers will adhere better and water will not get trapped under the stickers. Are there any other options?
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Depends on the depth of the pits. Bondo is probably the easiest and quickest. If the pits are not real deep you can use one of the primers that is extra thick and do 4 or more coats and sand in between coats. Roger
I would get you some 3-M spot puddy it works well and is a hell of a lot faster then what Roger recommends .And your drying time is cut way down. I have had a badly pitted frame filled and primed in less than a day.
Mitchell I agree with you. You still need to get some primer on first. Spot putty is basically just thick primer. If you can use one color of primer and a different color of spot putty so you can see when you sand though the different layers. Also make sure the spot putty is fully dry before you sand it. If you apply spot putty thick it takes a while to fully dry. Roger
If your going to use more than 1 tube, then I would use bondo. It dosen't shrink as much as spot putty.
I hit it with bondo turned out pretty good thanks for the tips.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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