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Post your 318 pics

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Army, The pics. make it look better than it really is.
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Here's a pic of my newly restored 318. Thanks go out to a lot of people here on WFM. If it were not for this site I could not have brought her back from the edge myself.
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Joe.. most of my acquisitions require me to get my sand blaster out. I'm gradually turning the lawn behind my shop into a beach. That 318 of yours looks like a light prep and shoot project. I'm jealous

Bob.. Excellent work. That tractor looks great. You should be proud of what you accomplished.

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Great picture of your rig Todd. I now have a new wallpaper on my computer.
Hey Guys,

Those are some great looking 318's
Very nice tractors Guys! Thanks for posting pics!
Joe, until you are ready to do more, I suggest doing as I did, scrape the lose paint off with a puddy knife and get some John Deere green oil base laquor paint from Ace hardware and touching up those spots. From 3 feet away it looks great.
This is my second 318 and latest acquisition. Ready for work.

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hello, here's my story. 2000 model 345 546 hours. Ive always serviced and took good care of it. this summer my battery started going bad. Instead of buying new battery i tried charging overnite and when that didnt work i would use jumper cables and start it from my car.I jump started it and was mowing and my ignition board melted. I got a new one and also a new 51 group battery, now it starts fine and everything seems ok except when i put a voltmeter on battery it shows 16.80 volts at 3/4 throttle. 12.65 volts before startup, 13.75-14.5 at idle and as soon as i throttle up it climbs to 16.80-16.90 and stays.The battery is fully charged, is the voltage regulator bad or stuck? I dont want to damage the battery or melt another ignition board, does anyone know what the voltage should be while running? sorry for long post, thanks. ps.I posted same question in the wrong forum i think, first time post, thanks...Jason
That should mean the VR is bad and VR is a sealed electronic unit so replacement is your only option. I would check the voltage going in to the regulator from the stator and see if that is correct before buying a VR to make sure that is not part of the problem. Roger
Thanks roger, i replaced the voltage regulator and now have a steady 14.60 volts and full throttle..the battery light will come on when the battery is not being charged, but not overcharged. I put a voltmeter on so in the future this shouldnt happen again.
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