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PTO on my 140

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I bought an old ser#003122 140 H1 with a blown motor. I found a crankshaft, piston and rod from a member in Maine and reassembled the engine. The only problem I'm having (so far) is trying to get the electric PTO set up right. The driven (outer plate) is in contact with the inner plate at all times. I tried to shim the outer plate out, but that locked up the motor???? What in blue blazes is going on---or a going out of my mind???
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Had the same problem with an OGURA. I was really upset.

Check the ROTOR for clearance to the bolts into the block. I tried to out smart the situation by adding washers in the re-build. This caused the bolt heads to lock the rotor.

So, after removing the washers "as per original" all is fine.
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