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Quick 214 Electric PTO Question

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Not sure if this is where to post this or not. I have an RX95 rear engine rider. Engine runs fine but if I engage the deck it kills the engine. If I put in gear it kills the engine. I have a new seat switch. I can jump the tranny switch and it will go but if you engage the deck it kills the engine. Not sure if I am missing something simple or what. I have looked around for a wiring diagram with no luck. I have checked the switchs and all seem to work. There is some sort of little relay switch but its unclear to me what it is supposed to do so I realy don't know how to check it. Any help or advice will be appreciated
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You don't torque those bolts. Try a search for air gap adjustment.
There are slots in the side of the housing. Stick the feeler gauge in each slot and figure out which bolt needs to loosen or tighten - the air gap needs to be even around the clutch.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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