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Quick 214 Electric PTO Question

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Not sure if this is where to post this or not. I have an RX95 rear engine rider. Engine runs fine but if I engage the deck it kills the engine. If I put in gear it kills the engine. I have a new seat switch. I can jump the tranny switch and it will go but if you engage the deck it kills the engine. Not sure if I am missing something simple or what. I have looked around for a wiring diagram with no luck. I have checked the switchs and all seem to work. There is some sort of little relay switch but its unclear to me what it is supposed to do so I realy don't know how to check it. Any help or advice will be appreciated
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What is the torque specs for the three bolts for the electric pto? I looked in a manual but can only find info for the manual pto's. Thanks
Yes the clearance bolts. The ones with the small springs on them.
From what I found it should be gapped at .016" Where do I measure this with the feeler gauge?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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