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RE: "VH60 Magneto & Spark? " It is starting

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After tinkering all summer, the JD60 I bought over Memorial Day weekend is finally running and moving itself around.

As some may recall, I asked this forum about the magneto and spark. I'm not an expert now, but, they don't scare me anymore!! (I have two 70's in line).

If there was an issue, this little guy had it. Lots of things mechanically still to work out, but I ran it around the property for 1/2 an hour yesterday happy as can be ---after I reversed the twist in the drive belt that is...when I got it going, it had three reverse speeds and one forward speed...what a surprise!

Here are some pictures...

If anyone is interested I will post more in the future as things progress w/ this machine.

Ray G.

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Congratulations, Ray! Yes we want to hear about everything as you finish the 60. A lot of us have problems getting the VH60 and VH70 engines back to running as they are supposed to. Do you still have the 6HP block or the 7HP version? Do you remember what the flywheel key looked like?

Pretty cool to have the headlight/tail light option on one. Looks like it still has the original style muffler too.

The three speeds backwards comment made me chuckle. I had a vision of the expression on your face when you first tried it! LOL
Keep 'em coming.

The 60 has a VH60 in it. It is a black engine, so it seems that it got a short block at some point in time (I read here that the original VH60's were green. Some key parts on engine are green still, like the oil dipstick tub and some bolt heads on black tin.) The key and keyway looked fine--having issues w/ the ignition, I was taking the flywheel off and putting it on multiple times per day. Your question though makes me think I oughta go back and triple check that I tightened that flywheel bolt really well.

Ray if it is a black short block it is most like a VH 70 engine now as that was the only short block you could get by the mid 1970s. There really is almost no difference between the 2 engines. Roger
Yes Ray, most agree the original engine in the 60 was green. Short blocks came as black maybe white. Many 60's have a 70 block as a replacement and I don't know how to tell one from the other without measuring the bore.
The reason I asked about the shape or style of the flywheel key was as an identifier. I believe the one for the 6HP is an unusual shape maybe better described as an "L" or offset style. The one for the 7HP is different but I don't know if it is just a standard rectangle or square shape.
If it is even possible to use the wrong one in a repair it could cause a timing problem. It could be an answer for those who are working on one, have spark, fuel, and compression and a properly timed cam and still have one that refuses to start.
I'm just thinking out loud before looking for the old Tecumseh manual and pictures. Never had a 6HP and a7HP engine apart at the same time to compare things such as this.
About the flywheel, torque to specs. and call it good. Don't overdo it.

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Roger, Tom
...interesting info... I have assumed it was a short block 60. The tin on it is black AND it says VH60-100001, then there is a half worn off tag that says SBV and a number.

RE: the key on the crank for the flywheel. It is a 1/2 moon with the top of the moon in the shaft.

I have been finding/buying/installing parts 'for' the 60 all along. Are the carbs the same? My carb is black, but I ordered carb rebuild kit for the 60. Installed OK and it runs really nice.


Here's the link to my post back in July when I was fussing and swearing over the magneto/spark:


Shows the key on the shaft.

When you do a short block you use the original covers and shrouds. Sometimes even the head. What is the short block number that is what should be used for engine hard parts. The half moon key is probably for a VH70. Once Tecumseh started building the 7 HP engines it wasn't very long before they phased out the VH60 engines and short blocks. Roger
Thanks Ray for pointing back to the crank photo. I now think you have a 7HP block. Have you run the serial number here to determine the model year of the tractor?
Something mentioned in another thread made me dig a bit in JDParts to find out that not all 60's had the hi-low range drive system. I guess they did away with that at s/n 20001.

It is too dark this morning to see the sticker(I tried). Will look this afternoon after work.
RE: Serial number. I just looked it up. WFM says it is a 1967. The one paper I have from the dealer says it is a 1966. Maybe right at the cusp of the year change? It DOES have the two pulley sets for hi/lo speeds!

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One of my 110s was built on Sept. 20, 1965 but it is a 1966 model tractor. JD did like the auto makers back then and introduced the new cars in the Sept./Oct. time frame. Roger
Ray, just in case you missed it, there is a nice nearly original '66 60 in the classified section, Oct. 16 Archive. You might want to save the photos for reference. Heck, you might want to do a road trip!

Here are snapshots of the serial # plate I took just now from the side of the engine. I thought I had photographed that before I put it back on but I can't find. My emphasis has been to get this running, not making it pretty, so it is going together clean, not painted.

I rubbed pretty hard with a cotton cloth and you can see the green under the black.

As you can see, the SBV sticker is torn and info is incomplete. By my reading is says 7521-something and SBV.

Miserable day today, but am taking it and my '69 original patio 110 to the railroad museum I volunteer at. They are having their fall finale and it is a small attempt at a tractor show, antique car show, old engine show, etc. Best part for me, I get to hitch up the caboose and flatcar to the small locomotive and give rides back and forth to visitors.


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