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Rear dual weights on RF

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I have 1967 112H with snow blower and single weights on the rears. I want to put on duals for more weight. Has anyone come up with an easy way to install duals? I was thinking of installing the first weight with to shorter bolts and then install the second with 2 8 inch bolts.
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"Use 2 carriage bolts of the right size to hold the first weight on. Then in the other 2 holes put 2 longer carriage bolts through the other 2 holes and tighten them down leaving enough treads sticking out to put the other weight on." That is basically what the manual says to do and you are on the right track. Not knowing what wheels you have on your tractor you might need longer bolts for the second 2 weights. Roger
Thanks Roger,
I didn't want to get suitcase weights because someone told me the weight hanging off the back will offset the weight of the blower when it's lowered and the weights then raise the front wheels off the ground.
Roger, I got the weights mounted the way you suggested. It was pretty easy, but the weights are heavy. Now I'm waiting for the snow. Last year the 112 didn't push snow to good. I'm hoping these weights will make a difference.
Gene to make any tractor push you need 2 link chains. Anything else is just wasting your time. Roger
Thanks Roger, I just purchased a pair for my 112. I use to have 4 link chains and you are correct, they don't work very good.
I use chains and suitcase weights no problems at all with blower or blade on 110 I also use soft chains on my x530 they work very well and dont mark up drive way. I still use chains on cars and trucks works great.
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