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Rear Weight Mount

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I had some guys asking about my weight mount after the Ohio plow day so here are some pictures.

It also mounts to the hitch with 1 bolt just couldn't get a good picture of that. I run these 3 weights and 1 set of JD wheel weights when I plow and so far have had enough weight. The bad part is I lost use of the factory sway chains. I added the chains attached to the hitch but they only function when the 3 pt is raised. I am planning to make guide blocks similar to the ones used on the big tractors. At the risk of opening up a can of worms what is everyones thought on the sway chains when plowing keep them tight or leave them loose? If someone would like I can take the bracket off and get additional pictures and even dimensions just let me know.
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All the plow pro's I've talked with in the past have told me that if a plow is sharpened properly and set up correctly, you don't need sway chains, they should hang loose. I believe the key here is "sharpened properly and set up correctly".
Thanks for the photos. I think that is a very good location to put some extra weight. It really lowers the center of gravity that would be a great benefit while mowing (or plowing) on a hillside. And unlike wheel weights, these can be put on and taken off in seconds..

As for the sway chains, I also was told to leave them loose when plowing. After loosening the chains, my tractor and plow performed much better at MEB's PD
Guys, it all depends on the soil and the lay of the land.....hillside or flat land.

In normal plowing conditons....(there is no such thing except Nate's garden) the sway chains are not needed.

Trying to throw the soil uphill in tougher soils, you might need to tighten the one side to keep the plow from swinging too far to the left.

The main thing is to get the plow set up correctly so the chains are hanging loose.
When you hit the sweet spot you'll know it!
Nice compact weight bracket, unfortunately it won't work with a rear PTO.
Thanks guys for the compliments and information.

Since I replaced the shear on my plow I have been experiencing pretty much what Jim explained in the same field it will follow fine then next thing it will be way to the left. I think I will make the blocks to at least limit the travel I also need to do some adjusting to my coulter to square up my furrow that might help as well.
Thanks again!
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