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Rebuilding a VH60...how?

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I'm opening myself up to ridicule but I have never rebuilt a small engine from the ground up. I think I've done just about everything else but now find myself needing to do this for a VH60 out from my Deere 60. Fortunately, I have a V70 to trade in it's place but I know VH60s are rare. Suggestions/books/links are appreciated. I'm good with tools and may have limited help from a Deere friend. This will be an upcoming summer project. -Joseph
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Go to a local Technical School and take an evening class on small engine lawn mower repair. There are also dozens of good books out there that can help you out. Since Tecumseh is no longer in business i would first buy a Tecumseh service manual for your engine and then take it apart and carefully measure everything. Then I would see that parts need to be replaced and see if you can even get them. You should be able to get what you need but some things are getting a bit scarce. Roger
Thanks Roger, looking up the tech schools up here now, forget about them...not too many choices in RI though.
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