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Removing Bendix Drive

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I have a new to me 112 w/Tecumseh HH100. I want to remove the bendix drive from the starter motor and clean all the old dirt and grease outta there.

It has one of those "square bodied" starter motors and the bendix is NOT retained by a nut. It appears to be some kind of spacer(?) with a wire ring inside that seems to fit in a grove in the end if the bendix.

How does one remove that little bugger?

Thanks in advance for your advice!
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A friend of mine has a L110 that will not crank. I've advised him to check the Seat and Brake switches when he gets home, but, I'm not exactly sure where the Brake Switch is located.

Anyone know? I would guess that it's under the foot rest near the pedal mechanism.
Steve I think it is back by the transmission. Call the dealer and ask or look it up at www.jdparts.com. You would be amazed how many times I can find answers at that site. Roger
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