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Removing Black Plate Over 300 Hydrostat

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Our 300 has a surging problem in reverse. We want to take a look at it, so we got the fender pan off but can't get the black plate off that goes over the hydrostat? We removed the 5 cap screws out from the sides but can't get the top two off the cover? Also any ideas why the hydrostat may surge while going in reverse and not in forward? It's the hydrostat surging in reverse not the engine.


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I figured out how to get the black cover off and discovered a leaking check valve. Could this be a problem with the surging in reverse? It is on the left side standing at the back of the tractor.

Well we laved down the check valve yesterday and inserted a new o-ring. The check valve not only stopped leaking but it fixed the surging problem...maybe air getting in through that valve?? We the good news is its fixed.

Glad you figured it out!! Sorry nobody answered your question. Guess they are all too busy.
Hello all,

I have what I think might be a 4x5 series quick hitch. It measures right at 14 5/8 wide and I was wondering if anyone would be able to measure theirs to compare. Or if you know how to tell by the SN on the hitch that would be great too? SN is MOHITCH078323

Thanks for any help!
That is the inside measurement but I think the X series measures the same.I think you can use one hitch on the other tractor by using the correct hoses but not the other way around.
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