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Removing the Brake Drum from a '71 140

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I have fluid leaking out of the brake drum on the left side of my 140. I removed the tire but I can't seem to get the drum off. I am having a hard time finding a puller that fits, any suggestions? Also, with hydro fluid leaking out of that area would it indicate the axel seal is leaking?
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Hi James. You will need a large slide hammer puller, one with a foot big enough to catch 3 of the lug bolt studs. If nobody has changed out the rear end housing on your tractor, you will find an outboard seal that seals against the wheel hub (rather than the later version that was inboard of the axle bearing and sealed against the axle itself). There is also the possibility that the bearing is bad, which would ruin the seal, but with the outboard type seal that you should have, the bearing always rides in hydro fluid, so it is unlikely that is is bad (but possible).

I changed the seal on my 120, same as your 140. It was a minor job. I just took a chain and attached the ends on two of the studs and then used a concrete block wrapped around the chain. A couple of yanks and it slipped right off. The seal that I got from Mr. Deere looked a lot different than the old one, but it worked just fine. The new one is on the left.
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Kent and Mark or anyone,

Please correct me if I am wrong,I haven't worked on a 1971 model, but on my 1974 I have to remove the cotter pin and castle nut from the axle before the drum comes off ???
Hi Ron. Only very late 140's have that (which is what the 300, 312, 314, 316 Kohler and 317 also have). 1971 140's should have a 7/16" (use a 5/8" socket) fine thread bolt and a large washer holding the drum on. You can then use a 2" long bolt and nut to "press" the drum back on by threading the bolt into the axle with the nut and washer already on it, then turn the nut towards the tractor pressing the drum on. The service manual shows this procedure and I have used it on my 1972 140.

Thanks for the info, I'll try it this weekend.
Hi Kent,

I figured as much, you are not one to leave out the details and if there had been the axle nut that needed to be removed, then you would have stated so !!

Ron ( 47 and still learning )
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