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Replaceing a 3 speed with a 4 speed

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I have a friend that just bought a 1964 110 with a junk 3 speed. I gave him a 4 speed and he said it didn't fit his trans mount (rear of tractor frame). I have a 1966 frame with a 4 speed can he just use my trans mount? if not is there any other way? he wants to fix it for a tractor show in two weeks.
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Kirt you also have to cut the frame a bit to fit a 4 speed. Nothing quick and easy on this one. Unfortunately it makes a relatively rare tractor into a no longer correct and therefore less valuable tractor. Many of the gears in the 4 speed will fit inside the the 3 speed transmission. I wouldn't do it but it is his tractor. Roger
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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