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Replacement seat

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I am in need of a replacement seat for my 317 and as it is my "user" mower I would like to replace it with a higher back seat. Any suggestions as to a source?
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The coil springs really stiffen up those old weak "C" springs.
I also moved the C springs back about 2" for more belly room.
The coil springs are JD #M89540 and are about $7 each.

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My mod. My old "C" springs were very close to bottoming out, so something had to be done.
These coil springs do the job. Also when I moved the seat back for the belly room,
I put a piece of about 12x12x1/8" steel on the underneath side of the fenderdeck for extra strength.
So far no more cracking around the holes where the seat fastens.
The seat is bolted solid and has no fore & aft adjustment.

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