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Repower 70

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Hey guys, once again i ask for some insight. Im looking to repower my 70. Im not really sure which direction to take it. Im thinking simple "cheap to a point" and recoil start. Any do and donts or suggestions? thanks
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If you don't need the PTO, an 8 HP Briggs will fit with a little frame work.

My L/60 Custom:

Or a 12-1/2HP Briggs with more frame work.

My 70 I "Industrial":

Both have used Briggs engines from old mowers, bought rather cheaply! ~~ Lowell
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I am not sure how simple this was but it can be done. $50 pressure washer 675 series Briggs heavy flywheel engine. Had to move the centerline of the crankshaft forward about 1 inch and modify the mounting plate. That eliminated a stock PTO and requires a new from front belt. Not exactly plug and play but is possible. Roger

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thanks so much for the opinions. I do not have a need for a pto with this tractor. I guess my next step is to go find me a motor.
I picked up the R72 RER at a flea market just for the engine, the 12-1/2 HP came from a guy who parts, rebuilds & sells, found it on our local radio station's "trading post". Both were relatively cheap! ~~ Lowell
I have a 10 hp tecumseh in my 70 with working pto. It needs some work. The position of the engine is causing the belt to hit on a bracket underneath and shredding belts. Just a work of warning, try to keep the new engine pulley close to factory.
For my 70 I, I had to use a smaller pulley to clear the steering, then a smaller pulley on the transaxle to bring the ground speed back up. ~~ Lowell
I actually bought it with the 10 hp engine in it. It's almost too much power. It's actually using the stock pto unit. It needs a lot of fine tuning, maybe this winter.
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