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Rescued 70

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Found a 1970 model 70 in a field with grass growing up through it and picked it up for next to nothing. Gave it to my 12 year old grandson and we are going to go through it together. He is really pumped about it. I am a little worried about getting some parts that this might need. It is complete with mowing deck. Wish us luck!!
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Nicholas most of the parts for the tractor are available but not so much for the engine and there is no easy to swap replacement engine out there. Roger
Thanks Roger, I am going to try and keep this 7hp in it. The oil looks good on the dipstick, thats all I know about this engine.
Good Luck Nicholas, I think your in the right place for help, I know Roger has been the go-to man for every question I have had on these tecumsehs.

I found my 70 out in the grass on a fenceline too!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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