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Restoreing a John Deere 1970 Model 70

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Well I have started on another this year got the 1964 110 done and now have the 1970 70 all apart and blasted and all parts in paint. I thought the pictures might help if someone needed to know how something went.

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Well I am getting there should have decals soon so I can put the dash on .

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Nice work!
What's all the other goodies you got hiding under the white sheets?
Well John Deeres Allis Chalmers cadets and wheelhores.
Yep, nice work on the rebuild, Mitchell. You'll have fun with that one too!

Nice job Mitchell, Mine is still in parts awaiting hood repair and paint. I couldn't find any information on new decals for mine. Where did you end up finding the decals from?
Tim P
I got mine from hapco I could not find the original for the hood so I went with the black boarder. And I think I have the rearend parts you need. I have been deer hunting and may not be home for a week or to.
When refurbishing my 100 I couldn't find the the back one of the two labels on the tunnel - those sort of between the operator's lower legs. Deere no longer offered it and Hapco didn't have it. So I went to work and had some labels like the M46959 made. The 70's above 50,000 and the model 100 use it. Unfortunately my label ended up being about 1/2" greater in front-to-back dimension than the original, but it still sets between the bolt heads OK and looks good there. I still have some left that need a home.
Mitchell - I can't tell you how many times I've checked out your pics. Thanks for posting these! I am new to the hobby and just recently started on a 1971 Model 70. Having your pictures has really helped me so far. It's nice to compare what I see in the garage to someone else whose gone through it. Thanks!
Glad I could help you out Tim.
There is another post with more pictures I had when it was about done.

Mitchell - thanks. I will check it out for sure. On a side note, what did you find to be the best way to pull the steering wheel? I could open a new post for this, of course, but figured you would have a good answer. Thanks again!
Mine was a pain in the a-- . But I used pb-blaster and some heat and screwed a nut on from a old 110 and a big brass hammer . After two tries and pb-blaster setting 24 hours she came loose.
Mitchell - Did you get the hood decals at the dealer? Did you find the ones with the silver border? I got the set from Hapco and they have the black border, which I can live with but they're technically not correct for a 1971. Thanks!
I also looked everywhere and did not locate the originals. I went with the John Deere black border also. I was hopeing Hapco would reproduce them but they are not set up to do so. And yes I got mine at Deere they were a little cheeper on price and no shipping.
Thanks for the info. I appreciate the help! I may have more questions for you in the coming months... I am going to post some pictures of my project thus far in a separate post soon so you can see where I am. Thanks again!
No problem if I can help just let me know.

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