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Maybe this would help someone if they're trying to restore a gauge that's n.l.a.
I should have taken before pictures of this ammeter from the 70's. Filthy, needle pegged on charge, glass lens cracked.
Dial face is pressed on, but face down on bench carefully go around with flat blade screwdriver until it pulls straight off. After cleaning everything & air blowing out I measured broken glass making one same size with a round glass cutter I ordered from Amazon.
Needle was pegged since magnet in back I'm pointing to with dental pick had slipped.
Holding it straight a few hot glue drops held it straight again. Dial needle and face I cleaned with Q-tips using WD-40 then isopropyl alcohol. Before reassembly clean glass, canned Blow Off spray Holding with latex gloves. Once face back on I went around repeatedly with tack hammer until escutcheon was folded back around like factory. Last some Rustoleum flat black spray.
It's time consuming but restoration is possible and it works great.

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