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RF 110 Throttle Cable Routing

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I had to replaced the throttle cable in my '66 110, but I neglected to take a picture or note the routing. I know it comes up above the frame on the left side towards the front, but where does it go before it gets above the frame? If anyone has any pictures, that would be great.
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Terry I will take some pictures in the morning if someone doesn't beat me to it Roger
Thanks, Roger, I appreciate it. Sure was a rookie move on my part.
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Thanks, guys. I think those will do it. Thanks, again.
Based on the pictures, below is what I'm think is the correct routing (red line). Correct?

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Here's a "before" shot. Looks like it went behind the variator lever. There would be one less kink that way. The pointer covers the cable where the variator swivels, but think it goes over top at that point. I'll have to take a look, but probably put mine back this way.

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Guess I overlooked this one. Looks to have been thru the pivot slot before tear down. That couldn't have been right.
I'm one that cares less about factory placement if rerouting gets fewer kinks, doesn't rub some place it shouldn't, and works smoothly. On that note, you can't always rely on my final photos as factory correct! lol

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Thanks, guys. I got it routed this evening. Unfortunately I couldn't use the one hole as shown in Tommy's first post - there was a bolt there. So I ran it in front of that plate and then down to the hole on the frame up to the front of the engine. I will hook up both ends and fasten everything up later. I will say with the engine and battery box and fuel tank in place, it was a bear to do.
Terry, you have it right. When I posted the last picture, I noticed the bolt head but couldn't see the slotted hole. Just now went and looked at the finished routing and turns out the cable is thru the variator arm slot as in the "before" picture.
Guess I forgot the aggravation of the reroute that occurred when it was time to bolt the shield in place.
Anyway, you got it finished in spite of my help! Sorry!!

p.s. I will label that picture as incorrect.

I went back and rerouted the cable through the slot. I still need to connect both ends and put everything that I took off back on.
Hey guys was having the same problem someone directed me to this thread and it helped. My other question is which cable goes to what I have to different length ones any ideas?
Alex, hope I don't mess this up again, but the right one (from drivers seat view) goes to the throttle control. Left goes to the choke. Roger's picture is best for this reference. I don't know if the cables are the same length or not.

Just to be clear, these photos are from 110 tractors with an 8HP Kohler. The 112 RF with a 10HP Tecumseh is probably different. I have a SF '68 112 with the Tecumseh and the cables cross over each other near the steering column and wind up on opposite sides.

Thanks tommy. I have the round fender Kohler 8 hp. Just can't figure out why cables are different lengths. I hope I didn't get screwed on an ebay auction. Thanks for all the help guys. Going to try to fix it tomorrow night.
I seem to remember when I took my 65 apart that the choke cable was shorter than the throttle.
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