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Rigid vs Flex Hyd lines

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So I'm to the point of my 300 power steering project where I need to make the decision of going with flex rubber hoses or investing in tools to make my own hard lines. I would love to have the ability to make my own rigid lines for other projects but curious how much I'll have to spend for tools that will work. I stopped by Napa on the way home tonight and noticed their tools would only cost around $40 for a tube bender and flare tool. I'm not sure if the flare tool would be worth it or not. I estimated it would cost me around $200 for all flex lines but only about $100 for rigid if their tools work. Any one use Napa tools for creating their own lines before? I'd hate to toss money at tools that let a man down.

Any advice would be appreciated


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Hardlines often are more open flowing then as the fittings are a tighter spot on flex hoses. Ron at aux-hyd.com changed some of the hoses from flex to hardline for this reason.
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