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I am searching for the implement lift lever and various parts the go inside frame of tractor , what I keep finding and reading is something called the rockshaft. Anyone know what this is and where it would go on a 65 110 rf. I know someone can help me out on this.
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Under the tractor there is 3 shafts. lift shaft, brake shaft and the rock shaft. There is a rod that runs between the lift shaft and the rock shaft. The rock shaft has 2 levers welded on it that the mower deck lift brackets attach to. It should be on your 110 unless someone removed it.
Ok thank you! Do you know if this is what the lift arm on the outside of the tractor would connect to?
You can view a parts breakdown at www.jdparts.com. Search for 110 then under ser#-100,000. Look under manual lift lever. Breakdown there.
The lift lever is connected to what JD calls the upper lift shaft, it's about 4" long, has a rod down thru the frame to the main lift shaft.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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