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Round Fender lights

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I recently purchased a 66/67 ( cannot read serial number )
110H from the original owner. The hood has a crack around one of the headlights. I'm trying to decide whether to keep original, restore, or sell. I have seen restorations with the lights on the hood and on the hood support. I believe this addition was dealer installed. Seems to me the hood support would be more secure. Was there a "preferred" mounting position? Thanks! Jim

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I believe the installation manual gave a pattern to bolt them to the hood.
From reading about these lights on this forum for several years now, apparently all the RF light kits were dealer or owner installed. There were paper templates and instructions with the kit. I always thought they looked goofy mounted on the hood but found that really is the best place if using a blade or snow thrower as the lights will not be blocked by the implement.
It's really up to you as to where to mount them for appearance or visibility that suits your purpose.

RF lights were an accessory. They were mounted on the hood and a red taillight was mounted on the left rear fender. As Tom mentioned, they were either installed by the dealer or by the owner. And templates were included to locate the holes.

James - let me know if you decide to sell.
You can tell a '67 from the other years by the foot rests, which would be welded on to the frame on a '67. All other years they are bolted on.
Terry, I'm pretty sure there are pictures and instructions in the gallery for installing the light kit, but not available lately. Did you archive them some where else by any chance?

Thanks Terry. I knew I had seen it somewhere recently, just couldn't find it.

Tom, Ken, and Terry Thanks for your comments, templates, and time. Jim
Sorry Colton. Thanks to you also. I believe you started the search for the template. Jim
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