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Running a 60 without a battery?

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I was just wondering how you would do this. There is a sticker on top of the gas tank that says to refer to the operators manual, but unfortunately I do not have one.
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I believe the issue of running a 60 or 70 without the battery is the rectifier. I think they want you to remove the fuse on the rectifier before you run it without. Also, if you jump start it, I thought I read they want the fuse out too. The VH engines have a built in magneto/stator-alternater and they do not need the battery for ignition.
I believe mine has two fuses, which one would it be?
You have two parallel (horizontal) diodes. They look like fuses. There is (should be) a vertical fuse, glass with the little filament inside.

If you remove the diodes you have to pay attention to their direction and put them in exactly as you took them out. They are one-way gateways for the current from the stator.

....take out the fuse and leave it at that....

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Alright! thanks for the advice.
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