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Seat Cleaning

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I have a back blade on a 1026 and it tends to bounce about every few seconds when blade is raised. Any one have any suggestions why this is happening.
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You might be able to get some answers on your 1026R from this site: Green Tractor Talk.

There seems to be a lot of discussions on the newer 10 series there and I'm not sure how many of our members has one yet.
Mr.Reed, Thanks for the information and I will try that site for some answers. Thanks again
Today I picked up a decent condition seat from a 214 with the seat springs for $15. It only has a few punctures but those are small and it is better than what I have got. It was dirty so I cleaned it with some Bleche-Wite tire cleaner and it removed most of the dirt. There are what appears to be rust spots on it so what could I use to clean this up? I also used some Armor-All to help moisturize and restore some of the yellow coloring. Share what you use to clean your old seats. Thanks
Phosphoric acid (OsPho or Coca Cola) would be the mildest thing to try on the rust. There are also some vinyl dye products to restore the color. Google is your friend.

Spray PB Blaster or WD-40 on a rag and wipe the rust stains off. Then clean the seat off with a Magic Eraser. Those Magic Erasers are amazing!

I used some WD-40 and some fine steel wool and it cleaned off great! Thanks for the help.
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