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I am going to part with one of my beloved JD 430 garden tractors to help with my business. I need to generate some money to put into my small business, so one of my machines will have to find a new home. I will sell one of two packages on a first come first choice basis. They both have minor repairs needed to be in tip-top shape and I meant to get to them in the winter, but time flies and they both run and cut as they should. Send me a pm with a phone number and I can tell you about each in detail and what they each need to be 100%

option #1 $5500/OBO

1991 JD 430 with just over 1200 hours on a working meter. This is my secondary machine and I’ve owned it 3 years. Very clean, nice bright overall paint with little surface rust. Seat in useable, but typical cracked condition. Needs a new fuel shut-off solenoid, but it’s the pull-in that is shot so while the stick method has been working fine it was something I meant to replace. It has a nice OEM suspension flip up seat and this tractor is equipped with a working rear PTO and will come with the rear PTO powered material collection system dump attachment. The brackets are all attached for the MCS, but the unit itself is on a pallet at the moment.

This tractor will also come with:

4 OEM suitcase weights
OEM front weight bracket
2 - OEM rear wheel cast weights, not concrete
54" 4 way 400 series front blade
And of course the original 60" deck

Option #2 $6800/OBO

1987 JD 430 with just under 1200 hours on a working meter. This was originally purchased by a elementary school and I bought it from them. They used it very little, opting for their zero-turns for mowing and using this mainly for snow removal. This has been my primary machine for the last 9 years. It has a hard door Cozy cab that is currently on a pallet. All of the brackets are still attached to the tractor and putting it back on is relatively painless with a few hands. The cab is all metal and glass and weatherstripping, no canvas or plastic or anything. This unit comes with an OEM 2 stage 47" snowblower with the hyd. chute control. It also has the original 60" mowing deck. It also has a Ruegg cat 1 3-point attached, but no rear PTO. Currently has a set of turf tires on it, but comes with serious tires as well.

This tractor will also come with:

A set a very hard to find cast wheel weights for the FRONT
a set of 70# starter cast weights, also hard to find, but easier than the fronts
a set of 50# cast rear wheel weights
a second pair of rear tires that are 10 ply skid steer tires, mounted on OEM 12" rims, with these you don’t need chains for snow/ice
a front grill guard/weight bracket made by a popular member on the site, holds 1-6 suitcase weights
4 OEM suitcase weights

I will send pictures Via email or text because it’s a PITA getting good pics up on site. PM me with a number and I’ll call you. I’m only selling one of these two and don’t care which, but I will not entertain offers to part things out of the packages, or to move features from one machine to the other. I put a price on my toys, but if I’m off feel free to make offers.

This is too much to ship and my first choice would be a local pickup. I will consider delivery or meeting halfway at the pre-paid rate of $1.25/loaded mile in an enclosed trailer.
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