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SEW 318 Honda Conversion

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So I called SEW today to inquire about a 24HP Honda conversion for a 318. They tell me they no longer sell that kit. So can anyone here tell me what needs to be made and supply some sketches? The mount looks easy. I know there is a plate for the front and a bushing. Then the piece for the drive shaft, and the muffler and heat shield + wiring. Anything else? Anyone know the source of the basic muffler they used?
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My dad and I built a 317 from a basket case last summer we put the 18hp honda engine kit from SEW. it was a great kit, the engine has lots of power and it RUMBLES! We took it to Bryan Sewards plowday last April and it never ran out of power. My suggestions would be:

1. if you don't have the tools to make a kit(like me) buy a 23hp briggs kit from Sew or buy a kohler kit from ?Pruitt engines.
2. you could build a kit like Andre did if you have the tools
3. You could send the tractor to a local small engine shop and have them build you a kit
4. You could send the tractor to your local Deere dealer and have them build you a kit

here are some pictures of it(there is also one in my profile)

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