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SEW 318 Honda Conversion

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So I called SEW today to inquire about a 24HP Honda conversion for a 318. They tell me they no longer sell that kit. So can anyone here tell me what needs to be made and supply some sketches? The mount looks easy. I know there is a plate for the front and a bushing. Then the piece for the drive shaft, and the muffler and heat shield + wiring. Anything else? Anyone know the source of the basic muffler they used?
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If you arent set on a Honda, there are quite a few very nice Kohler kits around...
Dave, a LOT of us wish we could do things Andre does!
He really is something else!
Robert, do your side panels not fit anymore with the Honda?

As far as Kohlers and mufflers, the Kohler kit from Edens Ltd has it exit out the standard location, and you can fab a muffler, or have someone do it easy enough. There is a thread on here about a Kohler conversion, where the exhaust was modified to work, and its pretty simple and straightforward.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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