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SEW 318 Honda Conversion

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So I called SEW today to inquire about a 24HP Honda conversion for a 318. They tell me they no longer sell that kit. So can anyone here tell me what needs to be made and supply some sketches? The mount looks easy. I know there is a plate for the front and a bushing. Then the piece for the drive shaft, and the muffler and heat shield + wiring. Anything else? Anyone know the source of the basic muffler they used?
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I put a Honda 24 in my 318 without buying a kit.

I have CAD drawing for the clutch adaptor plate & bushing:

For the muffler I used an original muffler from Honda with a lot of modifications also to the front grill support and the sides covers:

For the drive shaft I bought an adaptor from Honda with a yoke from my JD dealer:

I made a new firewall plate, air tight without the isolation foam:

I don't have any wire for the throttle, I used small ball joint, linkage and bushing:

For the choke, it's the 318 original with a custom bracket and anti freeze improvement.
I didn't made adaptor plates, the motor is bolted directly on the plate like the Onan.
I have CAD drawing for the electric connections.

If you'r ready to spend few weeks instead of few hours for your repower, let me know I have a lot of information to share.

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Most of my own part list:

This muffler seem to be smaller than the original:

I don't have any drawing for the firewall.
This is how I took the measurement:

Then I transfer to a cardboard then I removed 3/8" all around.
Then I put 1" x 1" self adhesive foam inside the hood and the sides covers aligned with the firewall.

For the cooler support I removed some paint with a grinder with sandpaper to find the spot weld.
Then I drilled both the firewall and supports in the center of the spot weld.
I used the holes in the old firewall to mark their position to the new one.
Then I align the holes of the supports with those mark and fill the holes with weld.

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Your lucky, you have the opportunity to be the first one to try this new jewel:


With all the improvement they made, I feel like my old GX670 is already obsolete.

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I don't have any good picture of mine but the valves are side by side with no angle.
For the translation, I receive a list by E mail every week from a local magazine.
Belive me many translation to french made by small company are very funny.
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