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Show off your 400 and 300-317 tractors

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Here is my 317. I bought it from my boss/a fellow WFM'er blown up. Swapped a used motor in it and viola!
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Been sitting all winter tried to fire it up but no spark. I have no wiring diagram nor have I worked on a 345 electrical issue before. So i could use a little insight and a wiring diagram.

Thanks in advance
Hi Eric,

I have heard a couple times that the wire that runs to the fuel shut off solenoid on the carb gets overheated and melts causing a short and blowing a fuse.

Just a thought and an easy thing to check !?!?!?!
Thanks Ron I will check that. I will also check for mouse damage.
Eric I had the same problem a couple years ago with my GX345. It was the time off module ( AM128906). It's not to bad to replace. It's what turn the engine off after a little bit. Some times it gets stuck trying to turn back on. Good luck, Allen
Pulled out the fuses checked them they were ok, put them back in and it fired right up. Thank you all for the help.
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Have you figured out the problem or hasn't it done it again ??

Hope to see you at the WNY plow day in Ionia tomorrow !

Ron, The thing is running great haven't had to mess with it.
The problem came back again, Installed a new module Part #AM128906 cured the problem. Cheap fix only $23.
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