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Sleeve hitch for a 300 series questions

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Happy new year all-
I am curious as to how I would go about putting a sleeve hitch setup on my 332. I'd like to be able for eventual say, box-blade and other smaller landscaping type uses.
3 pt would be great but, can a 3 pointer be used for sleeve attachments?

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Brinly has a 3 pt adapter to make it so it can use sleeve hitch attachments

Take a look at http://www.brinly.com/accessories.htm

Scroll down the page and you'll see a drawing of the Brinly A-frame sleave hitch adapter.

rick n.
Hi Dan. Here is a picture I just posted yesterday or so on here of my 318 with the Brinly A frame 3pt to sleevehitch adapter.

JD never offered a straight integral hitch for the late 300 series (and neither did any other company as far as I have been able to find out) so if you want to go that route rather than getting a 3pt, you would have to fabricate the whole assembly.

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There is an after-market source for hitches that fit the newer tractors - I've seen WFM members point to this site:


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Just picked up a Deere 108. It at one time or another had the engine swapped. At least thats how it looks to me. I believe these had a 8hp briggs in them. This one has a small piece of frame cutout so the engine will fit so that leads me to believe it is not the correct engine. My question is, does anyone know what the engine model number is or where a guy could locate one of the original ones cheap?

Briggs & Stratton 191707

JD made a change on the 108 a couple of times. The first year, 1979, it had a mechanical pto clutch, then in 1980 till it's final year in 1985, it had an electrical pto clutch. In 1982, Deere moved the fuel tank from under the hood to underneath the fender deck. You can repower this with other engines, but if yours had the fuel tank under the hood, it may limit to what engines you can use. We had a member here years ago who repowered an under the hood fuel tank 111 with a bigger engine and shimmed up the fuel tank with wooden blocks.

This one has the fuel tank under the hood as well as electric clutch which would make it a 1980 or 81 by what your saying serial number is 125879M. I would like to put original engine in it if I could find one. How hard are the originals to come by?
Maybe it is better off to just turn this into a parts tractor....

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They're not very collectible at this point, but who knows in the future. The original would be hard to find, one that's rebuildable might be easier to find, but that may be hard also.
Blake--sounds like your 108 has indeed been repowered--maybe with a more powerful engine. Could it be a 10hp, or maybe even a 12. I repowered one a few years ago and can't recall now just what would fit into it. Maybe the serial number of the engine will real its hp. If it is more powerful, hey--enjoy the extra power!!
Thats what I first thought when I opened the hood to see the 12.5 briggs, BUT then the p.o. owner said the guy he got it from threw a rod in it. I tried turning it over by hand and sure enough it sounds as if something is broke internally. SO if I am going to go to all the work in messing with that engine or repowering, why not put the original back in? I mean the reason I collect them is to preserve history, so I am still searching for an 8hp briggs. One wouldnt have thought it would have been that hard to locate would one?? haha

Blake the reason Briggs are hard to find is the aluminum block vertical engine were a somewhat disposable engine to start with. Now 30 years later they have all been used up. You may find one but they are not really very rebuildable. Briggs were a bottom of the price point list. Good Luck on your search. Roger
I found a vertical shaft briggs out of an R72. The parts books from a R72 to a 108 dont match numbers for engine blocks or bases, although I would wonder if there is a difference in the two engines? Maybe one is just a newer version with a small non-noticeable change? I found this R72 engine on ebay that needs a starter gear which is not a huge problem. The owner says it runs well and doesnt smoke. He said it has been sitting for about a year, so I am assuming a carb cleaning will be in order. My question is before I buy it, is there any reason I would tell a difference in the engine from a R72 to a 108? If I purchased it and put it in this 108 and were to restore it someday(thats a big maybe on that Someday!) would anybody be able to tell it isnt the original engine?

Thanks Roger, thats what I was thinking going into this. These 8hp engines are kinda like the tecumsehs in the earlier lawn tractors in the disposable engine category.

I appreciate all the help as always,
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I am guessing the oil drain is in the wrong place for it to work on the 108 but maybe not? Or maybe it would be easy to overcome that dilemma?
Blake anything can be put into anything but you keep saying restoration and it no longer is that. It might be a repower or a hot rod but it isn't a restoration. These are all functional tractors but none of them are restored. 70 with a 675 series Briggs and a 208 with a 13 HP Kohler/Miller welder engine. Roger

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You are correct. Without the original engine it cant be called a restoration in the correct pretence. Refurbished may be the correct word to use. I am t try to make it as close to restore as possible and without the original engine that is impossible you are correct. But the question still remains, will there be a noticeable difference in these two engines I wonder.

I dont think there will be. But I asked the seller to send me some pics of the pan so I can see if I can tell any huge differences.

Thanks for those pics Roger, I think the 70s would have been better of the line with the different engine.
A year or more ago SEW had some new B&S 13.5 HP 'drop in' engines for 111s. If you wanted one & your tractor had an electric pto clutch, - needed to save & reuse the stator, etc. I passed 'cause since these types seem so rare anymore I wondered if they were rejects. Now I wonder: should've I have gotten one? Must've all sold. Bobo
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