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I'm new to the style of JD 70 and would like to find a snow blade for it, if it's possible to have one for these . Also be great of someone would have a good price one for sale or if someone could give me information on what to look for that fit one these JD 70 model tractors would be GREAT! Also what are other implements/attachments can be mounted on these. I for and pictures would be great too. Thanks Kalin
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You would need a model "40" blade & "32" or "32A" snow blower.

I used a newer blade for my 70 & 100, just had to rearrange the lift arm. My 70 lift is different because of the bigger replacement engine.

Go down the page to: Blade for a 70? or 100? It has some pictures of the correct blade.

As usual, Roger was very helpful with measurements for me to redo the blade lift arm for my 100! ~~ Lowell
Kalin, The JD 60 and 70 are fun to work with and all kinds of modifications have been done.
I don't know who did this one but they did a heck of a job.

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Kalin 70s use a model 40 42 inch wide blade and they look like this one on my 70. Roger

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Okay thanks guys. Could you show me a close up picture on how it mounts to the frame. I think I'm buying one for 100 and want to make sure it's for mine. It's a 40". Also does it need a rod that goes up to the left side lever to raise it up and down?
Model 40 blades are 42 inches wide. Make sure the lift lever looks like the one in my picture. Many blades have 40 in the serial number. My tractor is buried in a shed right now but the two ears on the blade fit into the spring held mounts on the front of the tractor that the mower fits into. In the pictures you can see the spring pins and the blade ears fit between the two sides that they slide into. Roger

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