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I need to do some repairs on my model 36 snow thrower rotor and would like to get it out of the housing. Any ideas or tricks to getting the bearings off of the rotor shaft? The collars took some major persuasion to loosen up in fact the one split in the process. There does not seem to be away to tap on them from the inside to drive them out.
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Ray when I took my 36 apart the bearings were rough/going bad so I just cut them with a torch. You may have to that. The bearings are easy to find at a farm store (TSC) as are the mounting flanges. Roger
Speaking of 36 snow blowers, I just blew out one of the small gears on the bottom of my blower right in the middle of a storm. Good thing I have another 112h with a snow plow. It saved the day. I was able to get my wife off to work. WHEW!!!! The blower is useless without it. It becomes a unit to part out. Luckly I found a JD dealer in New Haven Ct that could get the gear. $68 each. I bought 2 b\c without them, unit is no good. There are 2 of the same gears, one on top and one on bottom.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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