Less than a year old. Used it maybe 3 times. Like New.

This rotary broom is a great. It cleans snow or dirt off walks and driveways always the way down to the surface. As much as I love this broom, I don't have the room room to store it.

John Deere 3880M - 52" Rotary Broom
Implement drive shaft for x400, X500, X700

New these brooms with the drive shaft are $4165+ $250(tax) = $4414.90

Now selling for $3200. Buy mine and save $1200

Located in Southeast Michigan

425 445 455 x730 x738 x739 x748 x750 x758
2210, 2305, 1023E, 1025R
2320-2720 2025R-2032R 4010 4100 4110 4115