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Spindles on 420

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I have a 420 the year is unknown somebody tried to remove the serial number sticker and destroyed it.
I broke a left front spindle the other day, I found a set and got them yesterday but they are larger than mine. Mine measures about .80 in while the others are almost an inch in size.
So when did they change over to the smaller size spindles I see that I can get all the bushings and bearings for the larger spindles would this be better having the larger ones.
Need to get the old girl up and going lost one of the wifes Poms in the tall grass yesterday.
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You must have a later version after mid 86 when they converted to metric sizes 50 mm.

The larger ones are 1" and were also used on 430's in the early years 83-86.

If you buy bearings to fit the spindles, you will also have to change the rims......
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I don't know what part of the spindle or bearing that you measured that is around 0.80 inches. The metric spindles are 25 mm and should measure 0.984 inches in diameter. Very early John Deere garden tractors like the '67 140 had 3/4 inch spindles.

Here is a link to what serial numbers of each type tractor have inch versus metric front wheel spindles:

It is possible to change the metric bearings in the later wheels to 1 inch size bores by using replacement bearings. I think this one is a good candidate:

It is the same outside diameter as the metric bearing in the late model front wheels, but has a 1 inch bore like the earlier spindles. I may do this in some wheels I took off the '92 322 and use them on the 80 cart that has 1 inch axles...just to upgrade from the stock 80 cart wheels that have the bushings.

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I have a 420 25.4mm and a 430 25mm. One rim for the 420 went on the 430 ( a bit sloppy though from PO)and I tried to put on the 430 rim onto the 420 and ran into this spindle issue. I just ordered the correct bearing for the 420 and found the outer race was smaller than the hole in the RIM. I made a shim and rolled it and pressed the bearing and shim around the bearing into the RIM.

This will not work the other way around though since the bearing is too large for the rim.
Freddy's right,

You can not convert from one spindle size to the other directly using the stock Deere bearing parts, and the conversion bearings per The Big Bearing Store SKU 6205-1 only converts from newer rims (metric outer dimensions) to the 1 inch spindles. I have never found a bearing that would allow the use of the inch sized rim hubs to accept a 25 mm spindle...hence the shim that was mentioned in Freddie's post used with the Deere part is a similar function to the BBS part #6205-1.

The FAQ thread that I posted above explains how to change spindle bushings and spindles in an existing axle -- that can be done in either direction of conversion but you need the right wheels for the replacement spindles -- could get a bit spendy!

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